Surgical, Post Breast Augmentation, explant & Post Op Bras

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Medical Z have discontinued the Z BRA MEDICAL and replaced it with the Z BRA SILVER which has adjustable straps, super soft elastic and the latest innovation in fabric  "Fresh Fabric", for super comfort and moisture absorption.

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Why choose a Post Surgery Z Bra

Breast surgery is a medical procedure with a recovery period that takes weeks. During this time, depending on the type of surgery, the breasts will be sore, swollen, and extremely sensitive. Wearing a normal underwired br is next to impossible due to the amount of pain and lack of proper support. Therefore, buying a post-surgery bra is a must for anyone undergoing a breast reduction, augmentation, or mastectomy. These recovery bras look like sports bras, and feature extra support as well as front fastening . They need to be worn all day and night during the recovery process to ensure that the breasts are fully supported. Therefore, when buying a post-surgery bra, selecting the proper combination of comfort, fit, and style are all crucial decisions.

Once you have discussed it with your surgeon contact us to help you choose the right size bra.

The Science Behind Recovery Bras

The average recovery time for breast surgerytakes at least six weeks before the breast are completely healed. Highly intensive procedures may take longer. Always consult with the doctor about the expected recovery time to get an adequate timeframe. During the recovery process, the breasts need to be properly supported at all times to ensure that the incision scars, tissue, and skin all heal properly. For this reason, doctors recommend that patients purchase at least one post-surgery bra to wear after their operation. The bra should usually be worn at all times, both day and night, to provide adequate support during recovery time, depending on what your doctor recommends. Though they resemble sports bras, there are several crucial differences in the design of post-surgery z bras.

Designed by medical experts to provide the best support for your boobs after any form of breast operation. It is also the best ever sports bra, and good enough looking to be seen, so you can use it afterwards as a sports bra.

Post breast augmentation you will be advised to wear a good support bra for six weeks, so comfort is very important, for this reason it is important that the Zbra Bra is made with CoolMax.

CoolMax is a revolutionary fabric that is more breathable and comfortable, making this post operative bra  more comfortable than any other garment available today. It is embedded with a moisture management system that pulls moisture to the outer layer of fabric and dries quickly. 

In conclusion, the Zbra Extreme was designed with the collaboration of world-renowned breast surgeons to exceed the requirements of multi-disciplinary athletes as well as rigorous constraint of mammary plastic surgery.

Making the Z Bra Extreme the best bra for use post Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, breast Explant (implant removai) and Breast Reconstruction and is strongly recommended by most Breast Surgeons.

If you need help and advice on the best bra for you, I have years of experience of bra fitting and giving post operation advice.

My name is Louise May and I have designed lingerie for 30 years, I can advise you on the best bra for you.

If you are not sure which size or style is best for you please call me on

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Z Bra is designed for use as a post op bra after Breast Surgery. This surgical bra is ideal for use after breast augmentation and breast reduction, and any sort of breast surgery.

Z Bra medical design these bras as post op bras, for use after breast augmentation  and post breast surgery.

Most surgeons recommend the Z Bra for use post breast surgery, especially for use as breast augmentation bras.

These post op bras have aertex coolmax fabric around the under cup, to ensure breathability, it has more padding on the straps to ensure comfort and the straps converge in a V at the back to prevent any chaffing on the back, and give maximum post operative comfort whilst convalescing from you boob job.

This post op bra has front fastening zip with flap, allows easy access after Breast Surgery, giving the maximum support and comfort during your Post Op Recovery.

The Z Bra is ideal
for post op:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Enhancement
  • Breast Operation
  • Breast Explant (implant removal)


  • Front Fastening
  • Good Support
  • Soft Elastic
  • Racer Back
Next Day Dispatch Find Out More About Post Op Bras

I searched everywhere for a post op bra for after my Breast Enlargement, two days before the operation I found BrasForYou. Com, so in complete panic I rung and spoke to Louise, she assured me I would get the bras in time, and by sending them directly to my clinic, they arrived the morning of the op, have to say my doctors were very impressed not only with the quality of the bras but with the service.

I did not know what size after op bra I needed, so the lady at BrasForYou sent out two sizes; so the surgeon could see which was the best. I simply phoned her the day after the operation and she immediately sent me another on the right size, and I sent the wrong one day back a few days later when I could get out.

Thank you. I needed to change the size of Z Bra I bought. I was unsure about what size but now the reconstruction is over the 36C I got from you a couple of weeks ago is perfect. I will return the 34E tomorrow. I would prefer a black z bra (36C) if in stock but white will be fine. The bra feels very comfortable even though I am swollen and bruised it makes a huge difference to how I feel. Thank you for your excellent service.